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Employer FAQ
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Employers' FAQ

Why is this scheme different from other horticultural amenity training?

This scheme focuses on the practical rather than the theory. The trainees are given the opportunity to practise and practise again to become proficient at their horticultural task. The scheme is delivered within a heritage context and places emphasis on traditional craft gardening and techniques.

As a local authority with several heritage parks, what would the benefit be to us of employing a HHSS graduate?

The trainee will graduate with extensive practical experience within the heritage context. Their specialism such as traditional hedge establishment and maintenance, period bedding or traditional rose husbandry could be an excellent match to the specific requirements for your heritage site.

As a local authority involved in a heritage restoration project, what would the benefit be to us of employing a HHSS graduate?

As a heritage organisation, what would the benefit be to us of employing a HHSS graduate?

The graduate has demonstrated a passion and commitment for period techniques by undertaking this scheme. Such dedication would be of great benefit to your workforce providing you with a reliable and accomplished heritage horticulturalist.


As a private garden owner, why would I choose a HHSS graduate?

Graduates of HHSS have a strong foundation in traditional heritage techniques but this is not limited to approaching horticulture only through for example, traditional tools. Their knowledge and practical application extends to knowing how and when to use more modern equipment to achieve the same result (or an acceptable approximation). Your garden could only benefit from such dedication to the craft of gardening.